#OAFlash Fiction Contest

Our flash fiction contest is held twice a month, usually the second and fourth weekends. We officially announce prompt and word count on Friday morning when the contest window opens. You have until Sunday at noon Eastern to enter by pasting your story into the comments box, and the winner is announced on Sunday evening.

It's usually hosted by operative Leandra Wallace, but if you're interested in guest hosting, you can email us at OperationAwesome6 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  1. This should be an original work of fiction written by you. Don't plagiarize. Don't violate copyright laws. Don't write fan fiction. Don't write thinly veiled fan fiction. Added 10/2/15: Copyright law says that song lyrics are off-limits, but song titles generally are not.

  2. You need to use the prompt's idea, but you don't have to use the actual words in your story unless specified. 

  3. Post your entry in the comments section by 11:59 a.m. Eastern Time on Sunday. Any entry after that date will not be considered. IMPORTANT NOTE: That means posting here (a publicly accessible blog) uses your First Electronic Rights for this piece, even if you're not chosen as the winner. Added 6/25/16: This is relevant if you are interested in selling the piece to a publisher. If you post something here (or on your publicly accessible blog), it then becomes a reprint, not an original and unpublished story.

  4. This is a PG-13 blog, so please write your entry accordingly. 

  5. Stay within the word count. 

  6. Anything violating these rules and/or that we deem as contrary to the positive nature of this blog may be deleted without prior warning.

Added 9/20/15:  Winners are welcome to enter again (please, come have fun with us!), but will not be chosen again for three months.

*If there is only one entry, then it's not considered a contest, and no winner is picked.*


Contest #1: Learning how to walk (500 words)
Winner: Laura Reuckert

Contest #2: Fireball (500 words)
Winner: Preemee

Contest #3: 2-Sentence Horror Story
Winner: Theresa Milstein

Contest #4: "Well, that was awkward." (750 words)
Winner: No entries

Contest #5: First 500 words of your NaNoWriMo novel or WIP
Winner: Wendy Jo

Contest #6: Winter holiday celebration (500 words)
Winner: No entries

Contest #7: Buying a new vehicle (250 words)
Winner: Taryn Skipper

Contest #8: "It was the end of our summer trip. We looked so young, skinny, and kind of like hostages." (750 words) Guest hosted by Julia Despain
Winner: Stephanie Adams-Hawkins

Contest #9: "The last thing I need is another child. I already have twelve to look after." (500 words)
Winner: Gretchen Mayer